Sertifi eAuthorizations

With Sertifi eAuthorizations you can rapidly and securely collect payment authorization forms electronically, while giving your customers a completely branded experience. At the time of online capture, the payment is instantly verified. Authorization forms are secure and payment data is tokenized. This ensures you collect payment authorization in a PCI-compliant way, and eliminate any physical authorization forms.

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Using Sertifi eAuthorizations, you send a file in the Sertifi Portal that contains the authorization form that you upload to the Document Library. Then, you can easily attach the authorization form, along with payment information, for future transactions.

For more information about using Sertifi eAuthorizations, see the following topics:

For more information about the signer or payer experience, see Signer Experience - Sertifi eAuthorizations.

After you complete your implementation call, you can begin your onboarding process. For more information, see Sertifi eAuthorizations Onboarding Checklist.

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