Signer Experience - Sertifi eSignatures

Once you send a file and attach a signature form, you can send the file to your client. When you click Finish & Send, an email is sent to the clients you entered as signers or CCs, and they can begin the workflow of completing the required forms. This article explains the Sertifi eSignature experience for the signer.

This article contains the following sections:

Signer workflow

  1. Your signer receives an email with the subject line of the property where the authorization form was sent (i.e. your portal). The email appears to come from the user email registered to your Sertifi account.
  2. Your signer opens the email with a simple display and a message for the signer, letting them know a property has sent them a file for review and signature. The file name that you enter appears in the message. Your signer clicks the Review & Complete button in the email.
  3. signature email request

  4. The File Room opens in your signer's browser.
    • The File Room shows another generic message asking the signer to review or post a question or comment if they wish. If your signer leaves a question or comment, the sender of the file gets notified via email. Your signer can then select a language from the language dropdown in the right of the footer.
    • dropdown language options

  5. Your signer clicks Review and Sign in the file room for a signature document.
  6. review and sign

  1. Your signer can either fill out the form in any way they want, or they can click Get Started to automatically navigate to the first field to complete. Your signer also has additional editing capabilities they can perform. For more information, see Signer tools.
  2. get started

  1. Your signer signs the document either by typing their signature or by signing with their finger, based on their device.
  2. sign here

  1. Your signer then clicks Finish & Submit Electronically at the top of the page, and is then taken back to the File Room. The sender is notified the signature document is completed via email.
  2. finish and submit

  1. Your signer is presented with a Thank You screen, and you can now access the completed file in your Sertifi portal.
  2. completed document in signing room

Signer tools

When a signer views the signature form, they have the ability to perform the following actions:

  • Apply markup to the signature form.
  • Change the signer for the signature form.
  • Decline to sign the signature form.
  • Download a printable version of the signature.
  • Exit the document all together.


If the signer selects Markup ()from the right-hand navigation panel after they open the form, the signature form opens in the Markup pane. From here, the signer can apply highlights, strikethrough, and text boxes to the signature form by selecting the markup option from the top bar and highlighting the text in the contract they want to call attention to. Once they complete their edits, they can click Submit for Review, which places the signature form with changes to the File Room for review by the sender.

strikethrough markup

The sender is notified via email that a new comment was added to the Stream, and can open up the document for review. For more information about accepting and rejecting markup as a sender, see Accepting and Rejecting markup.

Signer change

Your signer can also choose to change the signer for the signature form by clicking Change the Signer() in the right-hand navigation panel after they open the form. When they click Change the Signer, the Reassign this file screen appears. Here, the signer can enter the new email address, a message, and select if they want to receive a CC copy. Then, they click Reassign and Send to send to the new signer.

change signer


Your signer can choose to decline to sign the document by clicking Decline to Sign() in the right-hand navigation panel after they open and review the form. When they click Decline to Sign, the decline screen appears. Here, the signer can enter any comments as to why they're declining, and then click Submit to notify the sender via email.

decline to sign

Printable version

Your signer can choose to download a printable version of the signature form after they open the form. When a signer clicks Printable Version(), a pop up appears with a warning about PDF requirements. The signer clicks Download, and a PDF version of the signature document downloads to their machine.


Your signer can exit the form after they open it by clicking Exit()in the right-hand navigation panel.