Getting Started with Sertifi eSignatures

After you complete your implementation call with your Sertifi Customer Success Manager, you can begin your onboarding process. Your onboarding process includes the setup of eSignatures, along with training led by your Sertifi Customer Success Manager for you and your team.

Before you can begin your training sessions, you must complete the eSignature Checklist. This helps walk you through the necessary steps to get your portal up and running and ready for training.

The onboarding checklist must be completed by a Sertifi Super Admin role, since this is the only role with adequate permissions to add users and adjust general account settings.


You can complete the following checklist on this page, or download a copy of the checklist and other helpful quick reference guides:

Logging in

Update your contract templates with Sertifi Data Fields

Create accounts for your users

Adjust Default Reminders, as needed

Adjust General Account Settings, as needed

Whitelist Sertifi IP addresses for your email server

If you have any questions or issues when completing these items in your Sertifi Portal don’t hesitate to reach to Sertifi Support at [email protected] or click the support link in the right hand corner of your Sertifi Portal.