Sertifi ePayments

Join thousands of companies that are closing business more than 90% faster with Sertifi. To put it simply, Sertifi ePayments goes a step further by adding the ability to collect secure customer payments in addition to eSignatures.

Sertifi ePayments for eSignatures & ePayments

It enables customers to sign and pay within minutes, in just a few clicks, using any Internet-enabled device!

Whether you’re collecting a real time payment, scheduled payment, or zero dollar value authorization to verify the card – all payments are captured and facilitated for processing in a secure and PCI-compliant manner. We also accept alternative payments including direct debit and eChecks.

For more information about using Sertifi ePayments, see the following articles:

Watch a Sertifi ePayments Overview below

After you complete your implementation call, you can begin your onboarding process. For more information, see Sertifi ePayments Onboarding Checklist.