Sertifi Closing Pro +

Join thousands of companies that are closing business more than 90% faster with Sertifi. To put it simply, Sertifi Closing Pro+ goes a step further by adding the ability to collect secure customer payments in addition to eSignatures.

Sertifi Closing Pro+ for eSignatures & Payments

Sertifi Closing Pro+ for eSignatures & Payments is a secure, compliant, and fully-branded solution to not only execute agreements within minutes, but to capture payment as well. Your customers can sign and submit payment immediately after signing. You can capture one-time or reoccuring payments in a secure and PCI-compliant manner online, which eliminates the need for authorization forms and storage cabinents. You can also schedule payments for future dates, perform zero value dollar authorizations to verify data, and receive email notifications for every step along the way. Sertifi partners with major payment gateway providers and payment processors with solutions for domestic and international transactions. For more information about using Sertifi Closing Pro+, see the following articles:

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After you complete your implementation call, you can begin your onboarding process. For more information, see Sertifi Closing Pro + Onboarding Checklist.