Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning

Using the Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning integration, you can work directly within Salesforce to send, sign, and track contracts, collect secure customer payments and authorizations, and use other apps like Zuora, Conga, and others. With this app, you get a one-click sending process, the ability to conduct in-person signing, merge and push data, create templates, and store contracts.

Watch a Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning overview video below


You complete the Sertifi installation for Salesforce Lightning in six major phases:

  1. Downloading and installing the Sertifi app.
  2. Creating your backend portal.
  3. Customizing your settings.
  4. Adding the Sertifi button to your page layout.
  5. Enabling real time updates.

Installation typically takes at least 60 minutes to complete. If you prefer, Sertifi can complete a majority of the installation on your behalf, which can drastically reduce installation time from 60 minutes to 10. For more information, see Sertifi for Salesforce Lightning Quick Install.

If you experience any issues during your setup or run into any errors, submit a support ticket to Sertifi so we can help.

Sending documents

Once you finish completing your installation and setup, you can start sending out your documents for signature. For more information, see Sending documents in Salesforce Lightning.