Sertifi for Nintex

If you currently use Nintext (previously DrawLoop), you can add the Sertifi app to your Salesforce org.

To install and setup Sertifi for Nintex:

  1. Download and install the Sertifi app.
  2. Configure your backend portal.
  3. Customize your settings.
  4. Add the Sertifi button to your page layout.
  5. Update the page layout and delivery options.
  6. Enable Real Time Updates.

Installation typically takes at least 60 minutes to complete. If you prefer, Sertifi can complete a majority of the installation on your behalf, which can drastically reduce installation time from 60 minutes to 10. For more information, see Sertifi for Nintex Quick Install.

If you experience any issues during your setup or run into any errors, submit a support ticket to Sertifi so we can help.